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CEO Youtility AG

Die deutsche Übersetzung dieses Erfahrungsberichts erfolgt demnächst.

"As Member of Executive Committee, Head of Strategy and Key Account Manager of Cimo in 2009 I started a project with DEVAS, Romano Schalekamp, for Customer satisfaction.

This program consisted in a development of a customer culture and customer relationship. Cimo, a 400 people company, is a service and infrastructure company for the Chemical Site in Monthey, Switzerland, and supports its world leading customers for its excellence and competitiveness. DEVAS developed a program with the goal to create and implement a real customer – supplier relationship for captive customers. This simple and fast approach especially used dynamic learning methods for the Cimo people and also for customer satisfaction interview partners. Not only the program was efficient but also the concerned people from Cimo and from the customers had a lot of fun with plenty of “waou experience”. Since 2012, in my new job as CEO of Youtility AG in Bern, a service platform company in the energy business, I can use the same simple and efficient philosophy for my over 100 partners/customers. First results have already been shown. I can strongly recommend DEVAS with Romano Schalekamp as a real customer oriented company working in French, German and also English. It’s contagious and synergizing!"


Bruno Peterer

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