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Opportunities through best practice

Increasing your effectiveness and output by revealing hidden opportunities through professional approaches.

Often companies are created in order to launch innovations, to exploit potentials offered by new business sectors, and to take advantage of opportunities offered by market deregulation or the opening of borders. In fact, quite regularly this type of company lacks certain essential competencies for ensuring professional management that makes their successes permanent.


Our services:

  • Introduction of processes management
  • Development of performance indicators
  • Balanced Score Card approach
  • Implementation of management systems
  • Professional financial management
  • Delegated negotiations
  • Development of customer satisfaction
  • Mandate of board of administration


Better meeting client needs

A home care company transformed its old telephone service into a genuine customer contact cen-tre to better serve clients and optimise the process.


Professionally managing the process

As part of the launch of a new corporate consulting service, DEVAS Consulting was assigned to develop a manual of business processes. This manual was used for training employees, to standardise processes and assure a high level of quality.


Using indicators to manage the company

A small retail company was in the habit of observing turnover and the margin on products sold.


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