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The basis of success: talking to one another

DEVAS works with its own consultants and an international network of independent partners. Every consultant undertakes to respect the code of ethics.

Here is a description of behavioural criteria for consultants:

  • Professionalism: doing everything possible to minimise the need for resources and to maximise results. The methods and tools applied are tested in practice and selected according to the specific situation.
  • Integrity: consultants identify with the client, his products and his strategic ambitions. Any issues are discussed as soon as possible.
  • Transparency: consultants convey their findings proactively and suggest several different ways to make the appropriate improvements.
  • Balance: Both parties should emerge as winners from the collaboration. If there is a conflict of interests, the client’s interests prevail. In the case of doubt, the matter is discussed openly in order to achieve a new basis for collaboration.
  • Holism: consultants think and act globally and are materially and subtly sensitive.





DEVAS undertakes to bring its values to life and to maintain professional relationships marketed by mutual respect and benefit. Any differences in viewpoint are utilised to advance projects and solidify collaboration.


The client’s values

Our consultants pay special attention to contextualising their work and to considering trends result-ing from globalisation and changes in the world’s political and economic system.

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