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Strategic projects, Spitex Bern

"DEVAS Consulting Ltd supported us for the launch of the first version of our Call Centre in 2006. There the issues of processes, technology and personnel were dealt with.

Afterwards, during the different stages of the on-going process of improvement (for example, call monitoring, statistical evaluation, development of human resources), we were able to regularly fall back on the experience and expertise of DEVAS Consulting Ltd.

Within the framework of the strategic restructuring of Spitex Bern in 2012, this positive cooperation continued, this time with the new customer service centre project.

The added values of DEVAS Consulting: professional project management, cost savings with external partners, unified internal processes in order to also achieve internal cost savings. Professional behaviour towards our referrers, hospitals, doctors. New employment criteria for call centre employees/professional staff as a result of this high client satisfaction.

We specially valued his very pleasant cooperation, high level of understanding, very fast recognition of the company‘s internal procedures and the high quality of his work together with his great expertise. He maintains his focus on the objective without disregarding the company’s strategy. Many thanks, Romano".

Judith Liechti

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