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Leading a large strategic project

To compensate for losses in its primary area of activity, a public-sector enterprise successfully launched new services.

The manager in charge of this division wanted to strengthen the internal marketing team with a strategic-marketing specialist so as to support the transition from public sector towards a modern, customer-oriented company.




An immersion-based approach

  • Preparation: the first step was dedicated to getting to know the company’s people, products and unique aspects. As assigned, the consultant observed, analysed and interpreted all these aspects and proposed an approach.
  • Initialisation: a multitude of activities was analysed and grouped into an overall project. Management accepted the proposals to launch a strategic project in order to develop and implement a strategy for this new business line.
  • Realisation: the project team first conducted a professional survey, in particular carrying out a large market study. On this basis, it assessed the expected changes, drafted strategic priorities and prepared for implementation.
  • Documentation: a complete strategic business case and a summary in the form of a business plan served as the basis for management’s approval of the project.
  • Implementation: implementation lasted several years. After the first major steps were completed, the project was transferred to the operational structure, with strategic assessments being done regularly.


A major contribution

The results of the pilot phase showed that the business plan’s forecasts could be greatly surpassed and would fully make up for any losses in the primary line of business. Although some adaptations were made as the process was duplicated, the project’s keys to success were maintained and made permanent. The project enabled the company to continue its shift towards a modern, customer-oriented service provider.


An outside project leader

An internal project leader and a consultant, operating as outside project leader, managed the project together. The consultant suggested the methods and approaches to be used, led the workshops and managed the involvement of other consultants. He also led certain partial projects, conducted some negotiations and ensured the project’s strategic coherence. In addition, DEVAS Consulting developed a training trail and a business processes manual.      




Corporate strategy

Developing a strategy and successfully implementing it in order to exploit your strategic opportunities.




Formulating a joint strategy

When a large retail business changed ownership, this project paved the way for the takeover and focused all activity on a new strategy.


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